How do you make your first sale? Answers for first time entrepreneurs Rick James is a professional salesman and in this talk he sheds light on the tenets of professional selling. Learn about go-to-market strategies for startups, brand iconography and culture, and other key takeaways from his vast experience. About the presenter: After achieving his degree in Business Finance from the CSUF College of Business and [...]

How Andrea found her Entrepreneurial Path With CSUF Consulting Starting a business is one of the more difficult things that people can do in the professional world but with the help of the CSUF Consulting program and the CSUF Startup Incubator, Andrea has been able to make great strides in launching her business. 🐘 🐘 CSUF Entrepreneurship:​ 🐘 🐘 CSUF Consulting for [...]

How to survive a CSUF Entrepreneurship education – Advice from a current student A CSUF Entrepreneurship education is not easy but there are ways to make the most out of the experience and maintain a school/life balance. Blanca Rojas is currently completing her education as a CSUF Entrepreneurship student and she gives her advice to students who are considering an entrepreneurial education at Cal State Fullerton. 🐘 [...]

How Andrea went from being lost to a startup CEO Andrea was at a point in her life where she felt stuck and it wasn't until she started coaching and became a startup CEO that she found her purpose. 🐘 🐘 CSUF Entrepreneurship:​ 🐘 🐘 CSUF Consulting for existing businesses:​ 🐘 🐘 Work with the best entrepreneurial coaches to help you go [...]

Titans Talk Business – Special Event on March 16 at 5pm

Paul Wasserman '87, co-founder/former CEO of and CSUF adjunct professor of criminal law; Ben Gold '04, '12, CEO, Good Funding, and Executive Council immediate past president; Laurie Resnick '77, co-CEO of Rolling Greens; and Bryan Ruef, founder of 10-8 Systems; will discuss what it takes to start a business and the success and challenges [...]

CSUF Entrepreneurship – 5 Questions with Andrea Bahamondes, CSUF Startup Incubator client In this interview, Andrea discusses her experiences as a client of both the CSUF Startup Incubator and the CSUF Consulting programs. While with us, Andrea has diligently worked on progressing her business and has now launched it! In this interview, we discuss some of those experiences and get her feedback on how our programs [...]

How this Entrepreneur is saving lives and thriving through the pandemic Daniel Zakowski started Ready, Set, Food! a couple of years ago. His company has created a "patented allergist-developed system gently and safely introduces babies as young as four months old to peanut, egg, and milk, follows the advice of the USDA dietary guidelines committee report and other major medical groups like the American Academy [...]

How this entrepreneur builds brands online Fred Sherman has worked with hundreds of brands over the years to help them build their online presences. While every company is different, there are certain things that all companies can do. What are those things?​ 🐘 🐘 CSUF Entrepreneurship:​ 🐘 🐘 CSUF Consulting for existing businesses:​ 🐘 🐘 Work with [...]

CSUF Student Consulting Team up for a national award! Hear from their client about what they did 🐘 🐘 A CSUF Student Consulting team helped Jeff define new job roles, create a vision and mission statement for his company Acumen Group. Also, this plan included a strategy to incentivize employees through an MBO bonus program. The student's recommendations and implementations were so excellent that the project was nominated for a national award at [...]