Leveraging the CSUF Entrepreneurship Alum Network

The CSUF Entrepreneurship Program has many great friends and one of those friends, Entrepreneur Elympics, has a lot to be proud of. In the picture below, every person either is or graduated from CSUF and works/interns at Entrepreneur Elympics or one of their partner companies. Entrepreneur Elympics met these people through our Student-led Business Consulting Program and the company’s leaders were so impressed with the work done for them that they decided to hire on these people.

(From Left to Right: Quinn Royston, Will Cosmo, Matthew Gallizzi, Robert Gates, Angelo Catsouras, Patrick Hayes, Cameron Mahdad, Joshua Behnke, Annie Nguyen, Jorge Zendejas and Trevor Heath.)

Entrepreneur Elympics will be powering the voting functionality for our upcoming Fast Pitch Competition (details forthcoming). Entrepreneur Elympics is a startup that started out in our Student-led Business Consulting Program. Many other new ventures have been clients in our Student-led Business Consulting Program as well and, based solely on the picture above, you can see that involvement in our program can benefit everyone involved.

Entrepreneur Elympics recognizes the value of the CSUF Entrepreneurship program which provides a win/win scenario for our grads and current students. Well done!

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