Tchicaya Missamou Guest Speaker for Entrepreneurship Society

Here’s the info:

Tchicaya Missamou, Child Soldier from the Congo, Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Marine Veteran.

Tchicaya grew up as a child soldier in the Congo and after a life of hardships and scarring near death experiences, Tchicaya has found himself a Veteran, Entrepreneur and a professional speaker. He has successfully started his famous Warrior Fitness Camp and helped hundreds of clients get back into shape with the help of his unorthodox military methods.

After finding success in the business world and surviving his journey through the Congo and the military, Tchicaya has become recognized as a figure of valor for our nation, speaking in front of Congress, CNN, FOX and many other major public arenas.

California State University Fullerton and Entrepreneur Society now have the great honor of bringing Tchicaya Missamou to campus in order to share his experiences and also to inspire local students and show them how to take their life experiences to help them in their careers.

Below is a link to Tchicaya’s website for Warrior Fitness Camp

This event will be held Tuesday, March 6th from 4:00pm until 6:00pm in TSU Gabrielino. Get there early because space is limited.

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