Ten Thirty One Productions Valued at $10 Million

Halloween has become big business and the latest example of that was when Ten Thirty One Productions, which operates the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride was valued by Mark Cuban at $10,000,000 (in all actuality, he probably values it at something more than that due to his extremely quick draw on the deal, but he invested $2M for 20% of the business and that works out to the aforementioned $10M valuation). That’s a lot of money for seventeen nights of thrills and chills!

But that’s really not fair; they are expanding into different markets and they will be unveiling new experiences at different times throughout the year. With Mr. Cuban’s help who knows how many more people they will be able to scare (and get paid to do so!).

I guess this should just go to show you that if you do something fun that you love you can make a business out of it if you work your butt off and make some smart moves. But before you get started, take some time to enjoy Halloween and, if you can’t make it to the last night of the Haunted Hayride, take a look at the video below that documents the experience.

Do you think this is a good business? What kind of problems can you see this company facing in the next year? How about over the next five years?

(You can watch the episode for the time being on ABC’s site and you can also read a short synopsis of the company there as well.)

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    • Robert, I do not think it was but it is a great example of what can happen if you follow your passion and make a business out of it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I think the problems they will face is 1) making it a different experience for the repeat customer. 2) the competition is sea world, universal studios, and six flags. I was at freight night in sea world Texas and it was pretty good.
    3) keeping it exciting on the edge of your seat, From looking at videos of this, it doesn’t seem as good as the theme parks.
    4)The major issue as Damon John said is that in other areas such as NY
    You have to content with rain and not so much in LA.

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