Victor Macias '09 – CSUF Entrepreneurship Success Story

CSUF Entrepreneurship Grad Creates a Men’s Grooming Community

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Victor Macias ’09

Victor Macias, CSUF Entrepreneurship grad, has been hard at work since his 2009 graduation ceremony. Always fascinated by web marketing, Victor launched a web enterprise called “MaleStandard” in 2010, which is an internet-based business aimed at changing the way men approach “personal grooming.”

We recently caught up with Victor to see what life after the Entrepreneurship program has been like. Victor reports, “Since graduating it’s been full steam ahead for me. I am now able to focus all my time on my business ideas. The CSUF Entrepreneurship Program helped get me ready for new venture creation and gave me the confidence to go do it.”

Life after CSUF has been fast paced and exciting for Victor. Not one to idle, he launched MaleStandard.com. Victor and the MaleStandard team are providing education and insight about men’s grooming options unlike any other web community available.

Victor says, “The MaleStandard aims to deliver more men’s grooming information than any other web or print media source. Also, it’s geared toward ‘everyman’ and aspires to help him look and feel his best.”

However, Victor is quick to point out that he is not alone in this venture. Victor’s team includes a business partner, a skilled Editor, and many other contributors. Victor believes the team’s commitment and diverse professional backgrounds have helped to quickly make MaleStandard an authority within the “men’s grooming” industry.

Victor attributes their early success to their unique approach along with their partnerships with grooming industry experts. One such industry relationship is with hair expert Krista Martin, the owner of “Metro FOR MEN.” Located in in Irvine CA, “Metro FOR MEN” has been voted as one of the Top 200 Salons in America for the past 4 years. Martin has advised the MaleStandard about trends in men’s hair including cut, color, and hair health, all of which are important to the MaleStandard community.

Other strategic partnerships include action sports firm “Active Ride Shop” which has helped MaleStandard land interviews with pro snowboarders, skateboarders, and Olympians — all people that the MaleStandard readers want to know more about. Victor believes that networking with other businesses people and professionals in all walks of life has helped him accelerate this business.

Although MaleStandard is off and running, Victor recalls the idea for MaleStandard coming from his Entrepreneurship classes at CSUF. He noticed an opportunity in the “men’s grooming” market which was overlooked and underserved by the other established men’s grooming information sources.

Victor remembers, “I was surfing the web looking for a way to make some cash while in school. I research keywords and scoured the discussion forums. I learned that guys were asking “grooming” related questions. Applying what I learned from my “Entrepreneurial Marketing” class, I then decided to test the market. I developed an e-book on the subject. To my surprise the book started selling. The book which is titled as “The Men’s Grooming Handbook” continues sell on Amazon.”

He continues, “The book’s success told me that there was indeed a growing demand for this type of information, and moreover, there was very little information available. I wanted to be the one that provided the information that guys needed. I saw an opportunity to package it in a central location with accurate answers to their questions. This is what MaleStandard is all about.”

MaleStandard currently boasts an increasing number of followers every day. Victor says, “Our visitors are interested in our in-depth content but also appreciate our fresh, entertaining approach. MaleStandard aims to provide content and recommendations to every type of guy. We provide content on a variety subjects including tattoo care, nail care, and skincare. We write on serious topics, but in a light manner that we believe is a welcome take on something that has historically been viewed as boring.

Victor feels that, “Taking care of your self should not be viewed as a chore, but rather an opportunity to feel and look great — to be the best version of you. We at MaleStandard believe in making grooming both conversational and fun. We bring the “cool” into grooming that it once lacked.”

Congratulations to Victor for making his idea a reality.


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