We just found out about this upcoming event, a collaboration between Weavy and Microsoft for Startups. It’s a Hackathon where the winner can take home $50,000 to help in the continued development of their app. Here are the details and a link to register:

From their Eventbrite page:

Your app is doing great, but you need that icing on the cake to make it really stand out, right?

Participate in our 24hr Hackathon and use Weavy to add instant messaging, document collaboration, task management, secure file sharing, WebDAV support, preview capability for 100+ file formats, Office 365 and Google Docs support, and integrations to Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive… and on, and on… to your app.

Who can participate?

This Hackathon is for:

  • any company who has an app+SaaS+B2B in market.
  • any startup with an MVP/BETA that would benefit from our features in their roadmap.
  • any solo developer or team with a killer app.

All skill levels welcome!

Get all the details on our web site: weavy.com/hackathon

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