Why I Became an Entrepreneurship Major – Megan Baptista

Megan Baptista: CSUF Entrepreneurship Student

My name is Megan Baptista, currently a senior at California State University, Fullerton studying Business Entrepreneurship. When I first came to CSUF, I knew that I wanted to have a career in business, but I couldn’t find a concentration that seemed fitting for the type of businesswoman that I sought to be. I had plans of attending dental school and later opening my own practice. With a business background, it would allow me to be able to run my own practice efficiently. In my sophomore year, I heard that there was an Entrepreneurship concentration that would allow me to learn the practices of owning and operating my own business.

Since declaring a concentration in Entrepreneurship, I have successfully consulted with a fortune 500 company, as well as a small business in the Insurance industry. The projects that are offered through the Entrepreneurship program allowed me to gain experience and deal with real life problems that come with the day to day practice of a business owner.

The Entrepreneurship program also offers many different scholarship opportunities, one of which I am a recipient of. The scholarships offered through this program can be extremely helpful for those dreaming of starting a business. Since discovering Entrepreneurship, I have changed my career path to a full time business student. In the future, I plan to get my masters in Entrepreneurship and further explore opening my own businesses.

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