2019 Investor Speed Dating – TCVN Event on March 21


Lots of people have great ideas and have the skills to make that concept a reality but, for some entrepreneurs, there is a real need to connect with investors in order to bring their concept to fruition. When those entrepreneurs know investors already then that’s great but what can they do if they do not know of any investors? In comes the Tech Coast Venture Network (TCVN) to the rescue! On March 21 they will be hosting an Investor Speed Dating event.

Details are as follows and make sure to register by clicking the link below:

Your palms are sweaty. Your legs are shaking. You can’t get the words out of your mouth fast enough. Finally, everything starts to flow. You’re in the zone. Then suddenly, without notice, the buzzer rings and you have to move on.

This is not the typical speed-dating scenario. This is how you will feel as an entrepreneur who will soon make investor pitches at the 2019 Speed Dating with Investors event March 21, 2019.

Why the anxiety? The presentations will be made one-on-one to many potential investors including members of Tech Coast Angels and you’ve only got few short minutes to pitch, Q&A and listen to seasoned advice and recommendation. That’s not a lot of time.

Fortunately, TCVN and the Speed Dating with Investors event is designed to introduce entrepreneurs and startup companies to the world of angel investing. This is not a sales event. Our focus is education, networking and the potential opportunity to connect entrepreneurs with investors. In addition to the TCVN team, investors will be present to speak to participants about their needs. Spots are limited.  Acceptance will be on a first come first serve basis, so entrepreneurs, sign up early!

In partnership with TCA, join TCVN Speed Dating with Investors event March 21, 2019. More details at tcvn.org 

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