90 Days to Beta: #DigitalHealth – Application Deadline is June 10

90 Days to Beta

90 Days to Beta is an “intensive 90-day program [that] is specially designed for early stage companies launching a digital health initiative. The program provides entrepreneurs with accelerated programming for startup business learning along with the tools they need to connect to the extensive California biotech/life sciences community.”

Hosted by Braid Theory, this program features sixteen presenters, including Braid Theory CTO Jim Cooper, and 10 mentors. All of the presenters and mentors have impressive backgrounds and have a lot to offer for those startups that are participating in this program.

In order to be considered for the 90 Days to Beta program, make sure to submit your application no later than June 10.

90 Days to Beta FAQ

Do we have to be in LA?

What would be better than spending the summer at the LA Waterfront? To ensure the most comprehensive, awesome experience, we require that your startup team attend weekly residential sessions – 12 in total, for the duration of the accelerator program.

What if the team is only me?

While we will accept a single team participant, it’s highly preferable for two members to participate in the program. If your startup is only you, maybe we can assist you in finding a cofounder.

What’s the cost?

By creating a cohort-based program that combines group workshops and roundtable discussions with one-on-one industry mentoring, we can offer a rate of only $2,000 for one attendee or $2,900 for a team of two. This is way cheaper than an MBA program!

What if we’re not in digital health?

If your startup is biotech-adjacent, apply and we will let you know if you’re a fit. Otherwise, we’ll ask you to hold off for one of our future 90 Days to Beta programs in other exciting fields such as transportation and smart cities!

Why isn’t the program free?

There are many free programs to help startups, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” If you want expert advice, mentors with extensive domain experience, and a cohort filled with startups like you, choose 90 Days!  You’ll finish with a beta-version product and an investor-ready pitch deck.

Why aren’t you paying me?

So you want to give up part of your company? Just checking. While trading equity for advice seems standard in the startup world, that’s not the strategy we employ. We want to make sure that you’re market and investor ready. We are supported by investors who understand that our accelerator program generates more successful outcomes.

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