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Brent Maxinoski ’17 and Cayman Elkin ’17 worked hard to earn their Bachelor’s degrees in Entrepreneurship at Cal State Fullerton and now they are working hard on putting those degrees to the test by preparing to launch their startup, Wecademi, with the help of the CSUF Startup Incubator.

Travis Lindsay, Entrepreneur in Residence, for the CSUF Startup Incubator was able to sit down with Brent and Cayman to discuss their business with the discussion focusing on what they’ve accomplished so far and where they plan to go in the future.

The idea for Wecademi was born in one of our entrepreneurship classes and is now being actively worked on at the CSUF Startup Incubator. The mission of this company is to match students who need help in what are referred to as “bottleneck” courses with students who have passed and even excelled in these courses. These are courses that every student, in a specific major, needs to pass in order to earn their degree. Because these courses are meant to push students, the failure rate of these classes can reach as high as 40%.

Through Wecademi, struggling students will be able to connect with a tutor who has already mastered the course that they are having difficulty with and hopefully use what they learn through the tutor to pass their classes and save some money by not having to retake any courses.  Although preliminary testing for Wecademi will be introduced exclusively to Cal State Fullerton students first, Brent and Cayman have plans to expand the program to additional universities.

Brent and Cayman have already produced a basic website for Wecademi and have taken the first steps in creating their minimum viable product (MVP) for Wecademi, which you can see at http://wecademi.com/ To see more of what Brent and Cayman have in store for Wecademi please watch the video below.

The CSUF Startup Incubator is an organization within Cal State Fullerton that works with entrepreneurs to help them get from concept to launch. Every entrepreneur that contracts to work with the CSUF Startup Incubator receives expert startup consulting and guidance from Incubator staff and a dedicated startup coach. Initial engagements are for six months but can be extended by the entrepreneur. For more information on this program, please send us an email to csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu


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