Cal State Fullerton Management 461 | Fall 2013

FastStart.studio is one a business incubator; check out their website to see what they do

For the fall 2013 semester, the Entrepreneurial Management course (MGMT 461) will be featuring a new experimental version built around the theory and practices associated with “lean startup” – the hottest new domain in entrepreneurship. Lean Startup emphasizes experimentation, customer feedback and iterative design over formal planning.

In MGMT 461, you will learn “lean startup” techniques to assess and improve the viability of a new product or service. These techniques will be applied to help early-stage entrepreneurs working within FastStart.studio – one of Southern California’s most creative and influential new business incubators. In other words, you will be helping these entrepreneurs build products and services that customers actually want to purchase.

This course will be taught by Dr. David Obstfeld and the founder of FastStart.Studio, Michael Sawitz.

NOTE: This section of 461 will meet on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9:45 pm either at the CSUF’s Irvine Campus OR at FastStart.studio itself. If you want to take this class you better hurry up because space is limited. Also, the prerequisites for this class are: ACCTG 201B and MGMT 339.

Dr. David Obstfeld: He will be teaching this innovative class starting in the Fall 2013 semester

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