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  • "Welcome Back" Message for Students from CSUF Business

    I know it may be the second week of the new semester but it’s really not too late to say “welcome back.”

  • Management 461 – Fall Semester 2013

      The people who take Management 461 (Entrepreneurial Management) are entrepreneurs or, at the very least, people who are or will become leaders in the professional world. If you’re a CSUF student and are reading this then you are probably our target audience: LEADERS. What is special about the Fall 2013 semester of Management 461…

  • Get to Know the CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship

    In this video series you will get to know a lot more about the CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship. Enjoy!    

  • Cal State Fullerton Management 461 | Fall 2013

    For the fall 2013 semester, the Entrepreneurial Management course (MGMT 461) will be featuring a new experimental version built around the theory and practices associated with “lean startup” – the hottest new domain in entrepreneurship. Lean Startup emphasizes experimentation, customer feedback and iterative design over formal planning. In MGMT 461, you will learn “lean startup”…

  • High School Students Not Ready for College

    Most high school seniors aren’t ready for college, and this is bad news for the United States.  The College Board, which administers the SAT, released findings that indicated that only 43% of high school students are prepared to go to college, based on their test scores.  President of the College Board, Gaston Caperton, said in…

  • Is Cursive a Dying Art?

      An increasing number of elementary schools are dropping cursive from their curriculum, but some schools continue to teach the lost art.  As computers and iPads become more common in the classroom, students are often taught typing skills at the expense of cursive.  Printing letters is considered sufficient by most students and many educators, and…