Social Media Marketing in the United States

On Tuesday, August 20, Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson had the pleasure to present in front of the Chinese delegation of the Zhejiang Commerce Bureau. Mr. Jackson gave a lecture focused on the role that social media plays in business in the United States. Mr. Jackson spoke on such topics as: How to […]

Center for Entrepreneurship Director Jackson talks with local Chinese Media

Recently, Director John Bradley Jackson and Field Case Coordinator Charlesetta Medina did a press event for a group of Chinese media and businesspeople. The purpose of the event is to spread the word about California State University, Fullerton’s Business Consulting Program. Fortunately, the press event went very well and it looks like the Center for […]

Personality Traits That Will Get You Hired

Forbes Online recently published an article by Meghan Casserly that discussed the top five personality traits employers look for when hiring.  The top five traits to display during a job interview are: Professionalism –  A projection of preparedness and competence. High-energy – As it sounds. Game on. Confidence – Positive but not arrogant. Self-monitoring – Awareness […]

Is Cursive a Dying Art?

  An increasing number of elementary schools are dropping cursive from their curriculum, but some schools continue to teach the lost art.  As computers and iPads become more common in the classroom, students are often taught typing skills at the expense of cursive.  Printing letters is considered sufficient by most students and many educators, and […]

Effective Organizations Give, Share, and Help

What factors make an organization effective? An obsession with quality? A great business plan? A well thought out strategic plan? Yes, these factors matter but recent research indicates that companies that motivate employees to unselfishly help each other can be more effective. Adam Grant, author of “Give and Take”, writes in the April issue of […]

How the Falling Birth Rate in the U.S. Affects Business

The birth rate in the United States is at the lowest ever recorded, according to new data released in November by the Pew Research Center.  This has important and long-term implications – political, social, and economic.  It also affects how marketers will try to sell their products and services. The yearly number of births per […]

CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship Update – March 2013

The following is a message from Center Director John Bradley Jackson The Spring semester is well underway and we are quickly approaching some exciting events. The first of these events is called Research Week. Of particular interest to you would be the Friday, March 22 session at the Fullerton Marriott that features panels and speeches […]

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

A social entrepreneur notices a social problem in the world and works to solve it.  Unlike a usual business entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur hopes for “social value” rather than profit.  Many people associate social entrepreneurship with non-profits, but unlike most non-profit organizations, social entrepreneurs focus on both small-scale, immediate effects and large-scale, long-term effects (  […]

Job Interview Tips

Interviews can be nerve-racking, but here are some basics to remember: 1. Dress the part – I’m sure you’re very stylish, but the job interview is the wrong platform to show off your modern fashion sensibility.  Unless you’re interviewing for a position that requires you to dress according to the latest trends, hold off on […]