College Web Magazine Launches For College Students

American AMP has launched an online magazine geared exclusively for the college student. The magazine, WWW.COLLEGEWEBMAGAZINE.COM, will be audio and video based.

“I can’t stand to read online magazines. I find them boring” remarked American AMP president and College Web Magazine publisher Rudy Chavarria Jr. “The idea is to have video and audio interviews posted from college students all over the world. They will be responsible for reporting the hippest trends, coolest bars, best professors; they will interview sports team members and inform other college students of what is going on in and around their campus.”

Through College Web Magazine, students can build their own network of news, as well as make new friends. What seems to make this site unique is that broadcasting students can add their CWM interviews and reporting to their professional résumés and portfolios. “As long as the stories and interviews are of a positive manner and do no harm to individuals, their stories will stay up.”

College Web Magazine is prepared to deal with site misuse, too. “Those guilty of misusing the website will lose their profiles and be banned from the site.” College Web Magazine’s first targets will be colleges that focus on broadcasting.

The site has already generated advertising from some big names, and its traffic is growing daily. “My vision is if a big news story breaks on campus, I want a college student to be the one to post the news first.” College Web Magazine is the idea of president of American AMP.

Be sure to check College Web Magazine.

John Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship

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