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Tech Briefs' Create the Future CompetitionDuring the course of any given day we receive a lot of emails about all the different competitions that are out there for entrepreneurs (these are great ways to network with other entrepreneurs and potential investors and you can also win some money as well). This one came from one of our great mentors, John Rau (we will be featuring some of the articles he has written as a SCORE mentor on this blog soon!):

Do you have a design idea or invention that could create jobs, save lives, help the environment, or benefit society in other ways? We have a competition for you! The 2016 Create the Future Design Contest is now accepting entries at www.createthefuturecontest.com. You could win $20,000, other great prizes, and worldwide recognition for your ideas. There is no cost to enter.

We invite you to enter individually or as part of a team in seven categories: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive/Transportation, Consumer Products, Machinery/Automation/Robotics, Electronics, Medical, and Sustainable Technologies.

In addition to designs and technologies at the concept or prototype stage, commercial products that have been introduced to the market within the last 12 months are eligible.

Past contests have generated over 12,000 innovations from engineers, researchers, and students in more than 100 countries. With millions of visitors to the contest web site and tremendous media coverage, the contest has helped shine the light on many ideas that attracted funding, licensees, and manufacturers to become commercial success stories. Your design could be next!

To get started, visit www.createthefuturecontest.com today. Watch the trailer here.

If you do end up entering please let us know how you do! We are rooting for you.

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