Titan Fast Pitch this Saturday

The Titan Fast Pitch is where students will begin their own entrepreneurial journeys. Will you be there? What follows is the weekly update we send out to CSUF Entrepreneurship Insiders. To make sure that you don’t miss any news, success stories, or events make sure to sign up. The Titan Fast Pitch is this Saturday! […]

Steve Mihaylo's Crexendo Sales Competition

Steve Mihaylo is an Cal State Fullerton alum who has made himself into one of the most respected businessmen in the Titan community. Recently, he and his team unveiled a sales competition to CSUF students for his company, Crexendo. Students who compete in this competition are tasked with finding leads for Crexendo that will become […]

Steve Mihaylo: Competition Info Session

Steve Mihaylo’s company, Crexendo, is launching a new product and he wants CSUF students to be an integral part of the launch! Not only that, the best performing students have the chance to win thousands of dollars and even a position working with Mr. Mihaylo! Get your tickets for this special event now! At this […]

Sigma Upsilon Mu's 8 Hour Business Challenge

Here’s a great competition for CSUF students that is run by CSUF students, namely our entrepreneurship co-ed fraternity Sigma Upsilon Mu, called the 8 Hour Business Challenge. I can try to explain what this competition is to you but they have already done so on their event page (which is where you need to register […]

Create the Future Contest

During the course of any given day we receive a lot of emails about all the different competitions that are out there for entrepreneurs (these are great ways to network with other entrepreneurs and potential investors and you can also win some money as well). This one came from one of our great mentors, John […]

Sigma Upsilon Mu's 8 Hour Business Challenge at Cal State Fullerton

Sigma Upsilon Mu is the most active student group dedicated to entrepreneurship on the Cal State Fullerton campus and just a few days ago they held a great competition called the 8 Hour Business Challenge. This competition was open to university students from all across the area and required an amazing amount of work from […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Wins Fast Pitch Competition

This story is a bit old but we’d still like to take the time to recognize John Chi for yet another great achievement. Earlier this year, he participated and won the Funding the Big Idea 2015 competition. Hosted by TriTech, Funding the Big Idea is part competition and part symposium on how startups can raise […]

SDSU LeanModel™ Start-up Competition

Open to Students from Four-Year Universities GLOBALLY The LeanModel™ Competition is a business model competition designed to assist and reward student based start-ups from global four year universities. This competition will draw students from across the world and provide them with an opportunity to pitch their start-ups to potential investors and compete for awards. A […]

Titan Fast Pitch Competition

Clear your calendar – It’s going down! The Titan Fast Pitch Competition kicks off Saturday November 8th, 2014 and you’re invited! Watch the hottest student-entrepreneurs compete for a spot on the winner’s podium, and their share of scholarships. All finalists are chosen in real time, by the crowd, via mobile phone. Students that survive, endure […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Announces Fast Pitch Competition for November 8, 2014

The Center for Entrepreneurship is proud to announce that their next Fast Pitch Competition will be held on Saturday, November 8, 2014. Kicking off at 10:00am this event will feature University and High School tracks (registration info here) and the top finishers from both tracks will win prizes. General registration is free for all contestants […]