Creating a Powerful Marketing Narrative

Joe Burke
Joe Burke recently gave a seminar at the CSUF Startup Incubator on how to create a powerful marketing narrative.

Last week we were honored to have Joe Burke, former executive at Disney and Wet Seal, come to the Incubator to talk about the importance of creating a powerful narrative, a story if you will, when marketing products and services and when building a brand. It was an awesome presentation filled with tons of key insights into marketing strategy and how to build an effective narrative about a company.

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The Daily Titan covered this event and here’s a little from their story on Joe’s presentation:

Burke’s presentation was called “Anatomy of Yes: How People Get What They Want.”

John Bradley Jackson, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, said that the Startup Incubator program started in January of 2015, and because of graduates coming back for help, the program is not an uncommon one in entrepreneurship, he said.

Much of the seminar revolved around what he described as “archetypal patterns,” and how a majority of companies and advertisers use these base archetypes in a lot of marketing and advertising.

Burke inquired about one of the attendees’ companies and applied what he called the “Dragon and the Treasure,” and how it applied to his brand.

“The customer is always the hero. What you are doing is giving the hero the tools to complete their journey,” Burke said.

If you didn’t make this event never fear, we have at least a few events every month ranging from seminars like Joe’s to office hours with one of our many fine mentors. In fact, this Wednesday at 6pm at the Incubator in Placentia we will be welcoming CSUF’s Dr. Gerard Beenen to talk about Startup Success and Failure. We hope to see you there!

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