CSUF Alumnus Appears on Shark Tank – Pitches Nui, a Delicious Keto Cookie

SHARK TANK – entrepreneurs from Anaheim, California, present their healthy alternative treat to sweets that capitalizes on the ketogenic diet trend, on “Shark Tank,” SUNDAY, NOV. 25 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

I’ve known Victor Macias for many years now and I know him to be a dedicated and brilliant entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs like him were what inspired us to launch the CSUF Startup Incubator, where we help people go from concept to launch.

Victor’s work in CSUF Entrepreneurship classes was tremendous and I was not surprised to learn that he was going to appear on Shark Tank. Even though he and his business partner, Kristoffer Quiaoit, are extremely busy growing Nui, their sugar-free cookie business, Victor was gracious enough to do an interview with us about his Shark Tank experience and his company.

CSUF Entrepreneurship: Victor, tell us a little about yourself.

Victor Macias: My name is Victor Macias. I was born and raised in Orange County, CA. I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur since kindergarten. I went to CSUF and graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship. I’m currently the co-founder of Nui Foods LLC.

Why Nui?

Nui helps people say NO to sugar with delicious ultra low sugar, low carb, and keto-friendly cookies that satisfy your sweet tooth. Our nutritious cookies are made from almonds, are gluten-free, and have no artificial sweeteners. “Conquer your sugar cravings with a Nui cookie!”

Where can people find you?

Keto Cookies

Social media – @EatNui

How did you prepare for your appearance on Shark Tank?

It’s challenging because we’re running a fast growth startup while prepping for the show. There was A LOT of practice that went in. My business partner and I developed and refined our pitch almost daily. We practiced in the car, after meetings, on weekends and any other time we could fit it in.

I watched A TON of SHARK TANK in preparation. Each morning, I played episodes on Hulu and listened to the pitches while driving to work. I paid the most attention to the questions that the SHARKS would ask and practiced answering similar questions for Nui.

It’s tricky because you have to condense your start-up story into just a few minutes. You need to make sure that you convey your story and are clear about the things that make NUI unique.

What was that experience like?

The entire experience was surreal. There is a lot on the line and you need to be ready. I tried to remind myself to slow down, enjoy the process, and be grateful.

Did you think that what happened to you would happen? (Note: This interview took place before the airing and due to an embargo Victor was unable to reveal what happened.)

I went in without expectations. My goal was to deliver the best pitch possible and enjoy the experience.

What’s next for you and Nui?

The goal for Nui is to continue to grow in the e-commerce space. We plan to expand our team and release more flavors soon!

My Takeaway for Entrepreneurs

Persistence is key if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Even though we didn’t go into it in this short interview, Victor has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He authored a book, started a men’s grooming community, and now he and his partner have created Nui to help people kick their damaging sugar habit. His is a great story and I am sure there are many great chapters yet to be written.

One of the things I admire the most about Victor is that he is always moving up. This kind of positive momentum is partly innate and partly due to his education. Being a successful entrepreneur is about learning and if you have a business concept that you have been thinking about launching why not start that learning process right now?

At Cal State Fullerton, we have created the CSUF Startup Incubator to help people with great ideas learn how to be entrepreneurs. Over the course of a six month residency we coach people on how to go from concept to launch in the same kind of way that Victor has done with Nui. Every resident gets a hand picked Startup Coach from our community of over 600 business experts and 24/7 access to office space in Placentia and somewhat more limited access to our offices in Irvine.

The lessons learned by our residents are taken directly from the entrepreneurial curriculum that Victor went through as a student at Cal State Fullerton.

To learn more and to apply, please visit the CSUF Startup Incubator page.

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