CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Advisory Council

CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Advisory Council

Earlier today, CSUF News covered the good work that the CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Advisory Council is doing. But first, let’s take a step back and explain what this council is all about.

At the direction of Center for Entrepreneurship Director, John Bradley Jackson, the Alumni Advisory Council was created to develop new and creative ways of promoting and growing the CSUF Entrepreneurship program and its community of entrepreneurial students, professionals, and startup founders. The Council includes recent CSUF Entrepreneurship alumni, such as: Vanessa Ganaden, Jonny May, Yumi Liang, and Chad Armstrong (they are all pictured above).

CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Advisory Council
(Left to right) Vanessa Ganaden, Jonny May, Rachel Herzog, Yumi Liang, and Chad Armstrong. Photo credit: CSUF News Service

Since its inception a little over six months ago, the Council has done a deep dive on the different ways that the Center for Entrepreneurship can promote its activities and get people more involved in the program. Additionally, the Council has come up with some inventive ways for the Center for Entrepreneurship to raise additional funds so that it can accomplish all of these new goals.

Earlier this month, members of the Council attended the CSUF Entrepreneurship board meeting and presented their proposals to CSUF Entrepreneurship board members. They also participated in breakout groups at the board meeting to brainstorm additional ideas for promoting the Center for Entrepreneurship and how to continue to improve the classroom and practical education that CSUF Entrepreneurship students receive.

All in all, the Council has done some extraordinary work and they are continuing to build on the momentum that they have already created by continuing to come up with creative strategies for promoting the Center and all of its activities. We will be sure to continue to update you on the progress that this excellent group of CSUF Entrepreneurship alumni makes!

CSUF Entrepreneurship Board

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Cal State Fullerton is a nonprofit organization that is responsible for educating and preparing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders on the West Coast. The CSUF Entrepreneurship Board was founded as a way to financially and strategically support all of the activities that the Center for Entrepreneurship undertakes, including: educating 200+ students every semester; managing the CSUF Startup Incubator where startup founders receive expert coaching on how to go from their concept to launch; student competitions such as the Titan Fast Pitch where students are challenged to take their first steps as entrepreneurs; and weekly events specifically tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. If you are interested in becoming a CSUF Entrepreneurship board member please contact CSUF Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson at jjackson@fullerton.edu for more information.


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