CSUF Entrepreneurship Professor Sorrell on How to Charge Higher Prices

Scott Sorrell
Scott Sorrell, CSUF Entrepreneurship Professor

Scott Sorrell has been working with clients for decades helping them market their products and services better as a consultant and speaker. His clients include some of the largest companies in America and he is also one of our Entrepreneurship Professors at Cal State Fullerton. And the story of how he has arrived at this point in his life is as interesting as his presentation style, which was on full display last night during his talk last night at the CSUF Irvine campus.

If you don’t know Scott then you should make the effort to meet him. He’s energetic and bright and is one of those kinds of people who makes life more interesting.

I would never have believed it, but Scott didn’t start out his life as a business major or really very interested in business. He seems to have been born to be a presenter, a sales person, but he majored in Philosophy at school and went on from their to go to a seminary school because he wanted to spread the good word. But life intervened and money started to run out.

Realizing this, Scott decided to start his first business: a print shop. And, despite his lack of training in business he did okay. But he made a common mistake that many first time entrepreneurs make by charging too little for what he did. (As the title of this post would suggest, that is what his talk for us was all about.)

Eventually, Scott’s print shop started including marketing services and that was a great move. Scott’s natural ability to connect with people and communicate ideas effectively started to shine through. Since then Scott’s career has been on the same track. He has worked as a marketing executive, consultant, and speaker for decades now.

And it was because of this story and because of his expertise in marketing that we invited him to speak to the CSUF Entrepreneurship community last night. Specifically, Scott focused his talk on how to help his clients charge higher prices for their goods and services.

The talk was wide ranging and contained a lot of great value for those in attendance. I think we might be able to publish some of the videos from his talk but don’t hold me to it. One way to work with Scott is to engage with one of our CSUF Consulting teams. These consulting teams provide insights and come up with innovative solutions that no other consulting teams in Southern California can come up. These projects start at the beginning of each semester and the fall semester is less than a month away so make sure to get in touch now!


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