Sales Mindset for First-time Entrepreneurs – CSUF Startup Talk

A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to have Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown, both sales professionals, investors, and professors, stop by the CSUF Startup Incubator office in Irvine to host a seminar on how to be better at sales. Here are some of my notes from that event that I hope are […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Professor Sorrell on How to Charge Higher Prices

Scott Sorrell has been working with clients for decades helping them market their products and services better as a consultant and speaker. His clients include some of the largest companies in America and he is also one of our Entrepreneurship Professors at Cal State Fullerton. And the story of how he has arrived at this […]

Focus on your Character First – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship Jim Reichert has had thousands of business relationships throughout the years so it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about people. And he has some simple, straightforward advice for people who want to build stronger relationships, whether for business or otherwise. To Jim, Dr. Stephen R Covey’s words on building […]

Fullerton College Small Business Day May 5

Join the Fullerton College Business Management department for Small Business Day on Friday, May 5. And if you are a student-entrepreneur with a business an invitation is extended to you to promote your business at this event (email us at csufentrepreneurship [at] fullerton [dot] edu for more information on how to set that up). To […]

How to Build Your Startup Team – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship

The early days in any business are tough. The entrepreneur, the person with the idea, ends up doing most of the jobs. And this is important because it is during these formative times that processes are created and the startup’s culture starts to take root. But after some time you need to start hiring people. […]

Context Determines Content in Marketing – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship

In marketing, context has to do with the people, place, and time for when you publish your content. You have to be aware of all of these things and take them into consideration when creating content for your customers. Failing to do so weakens your message and your brand. This Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship lesson […]

Entrepreneurs Must Build Their Core

If you want to get into shape one of the main things you have to do is build your core, the muscles that support the rest of your body. Being a successful entrepreneur is no different but, instead of muscles, entrepreneurs have to develop key skills that will enable them to be successful. Entrepreneur and […]

Find Your Fit as an Entrepreneur

Over your lifetime you have developed a set of skills that most people do not have and in this talk by entrepreneur and author Damon Brown he convincingly argues that the best road forward for entrepreneurs is to identify those skills and leverage them when launching a new business. In other words, figure out what […]

Creating your Formula for Startup Success @ CSUF Startup Incubator

Register now for this immensely important talk for entrepreneurs and business people of all kinds by going to THIS PAGE. Dr. Marc Pakbaz’s talk will take place on Wednesday, February 8 at 6pm at the CSUF Startup Incubator in Placentia (120 South Bradford Ave., we are in the back of the building). Numbers Talk We […]

Titan Fast Pitch this Saturday

The Titan Fast Pitch is where students will begin their own entrepreneurial journeys. Will you be there? What follows is the weekly update we send out to CSUF Entrepreneurship Insiders. To make sure that you don’t miss any news, success stories, or events make sure to sign up. The Titan Fast Pitch is this Saturday! […]