CSUF Startup Incubator Residents Wecademi Featured in OC Register

WebcademiBrent Maxinoski ’17 and Cayman Elkin ’17 have an important mission: to help university students pass the most difficult courses. Started in a CSUF Entrepreneurship classroom, Wecademi is their answer and earlier this week the OC Register ran a feature story on them.

They have continued to work on their startup with the help of the CSUF Startup Incubator staff and coaches. At the Incubator, Brent and Cayman have worked with Incubator staff and their startup coach, Buzz Walker, to figure out the best way to launch their business, including assistance with:

  • Marketing efforts
  • Business development
  • Creating a business plan
  • And in many other ways

Here is a sample from the OC Register story but you should definitely read the whole thing:

Some students are inspired by their favorite class. Recent Cal State Fullerton grad Brent Maxinoski was inspired by his least favorite.

In fact, he disliked accounting so much – and struggled with it – that he and classmate Cayman Elkin have founded a company so fellow students don’t find themselves in the same spot.

Their company, Wecademi, is extending the gig economy into the classroom with a platform that connects struggling students with tutors who have taken the same class, perhaps even from the same instructor, and excelled in it. They describe it as Airbnb for college tutoring.

In the process, they hope to help Cal State Fullerton students save a little money, succeed in their chosen major and graduate on time.

“I realized that peers themselves within a campus are a very underused resource for education,” said Maxinoski, the startup’s CEO.

That light bulb went on the night before an accounting exam.

“I just realized … I would much rather just pay some small or affordable amount to a peer who was either in the same class as me or had taken the same class as me, and done well in it, to help me understand the concepts and do well on the exam, rather than paying 75-80 bucks for a professional grad-degree-type tutor,” he said.


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