Dads: An Untapped Market

Go Dads!

In the spirit of Father’s Day, I think it’s time that entrepreneurs looked more actively at the dad market. Mothers are increasingly more educated than fathers and are becoming the primary breadwinners in the household (Source). And that means more stay-at-home dads.

So why then are so few companies reaching out to these dads? The largest e-commerce retailer, Amazon, has a program for parents called Amazon Mom. Plum District, which does daily-deals for moms. And check out any parenting magazine, and you’ll see that it is written for mothers.

While the dad market is undoubtedly smaller than the mom market, it is still attractive for entrepreneurs because it is has not yet caught the attention of the big firms. In other words, it’s the perfect time for new firms to enter the market as the level of competition is lower.

A few entrepreneurs have already taken advantage of this opportunity. Dads now have websites and blogs just for them (8bitdad.com, greatdad.com, books about parenting from their perspective (a recent hit is a parody imagining Darth Vader as a dad, and their own swag at www.daddyscrubs.com).

So, entrepreneurs – let’s start brainstorming: what are some other dad-specific needs or problems that remain unaddressed?

The preceding was a post from Dr. Atul Teckchandani, one of the great professors teaching Entrepreneurship at CSUF.

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