Employment Opportunity: Social Media Coordinator @ Gold Net Basketball

Gold Net BasketballCoordinator Responsibilities:

Help Market through all forms of Social Media Outlets including (but not limited to):

Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Google +

Content Ideation, Research & Topic Development:

Concept Writing

Editorial Brainstorms

Creation of standard Social Media deliverables

Contribute to Daily Content Postings & Market Engagement

Suggest New Methods to Engage Audience

Take/Post Basketball Related Photos/Videos

Like, Share & Interact with Audience

Market Research:

Keyword strategy

SEO tool monitoring

Backlinks audits

Reporting analysis


  1. Solid understanding & passion of Basketball
  2. Strong verbal AND written communication skills
  3. Fluent in English (Spanish fluency is a plus!)
  4. Social Media experience
  5. Blogging experience
  6. Positive attitude
  7. Interest in Digital Marketing

What you’ll get:

  1. Real responsibility and experience every day. Your help and ideas will help shape our future strategy and you’ll be able to see your impact in search results.
  1. Ongoing education & experience with Social Media Marketing, SEO, Website Development, Market Research & Implementation and Digital Marketing.
  1. Work with fellow basketball clubs, organizations, coaches, brands, as well as, network with some of the best talents.

About Gold Net Media:

Gold Net Basketball is built on a cooperative, innovative work environment. We enjoy bringing an HD experience to ballers all over the world. Our media is all about entertaining & engaging. We dish out replays, tournament recaps and much more.

We believe a team-focused culture is the key to developing strong relationships both with each other and our audience. Everyone benefits when we share ideas/suggestions and collaborate effectively. Our hunger for success and our vision toward the future is what keeps us a step ahead of our competitors.

Gold Net Basketball
   Talent Exposure

(657) 888-4880
www.GoldNetBasketball.com / www.GoldNetTV.com
Learn more about Gold Net Basketball


YouTube.com/Gold Net Basketball

Instagram: @Gold_Net_Basketball

Twitter: @GoldNetBball

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