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Mandy Wang and Miguel Olivares; the winners of the CSUF Business Plan Competition in 2016
Mandy Wang and Miguel Olivares; the winners of the CSUF Business Plan Competition in 2016

CSUF students are innovative people. But taking an idea and making it into a business is a hard thing to do, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. This is one of the many reasons why we host the CSUF Business Plan Competition at Cal State Fullerton; to help CSUF students with innovative business concepts figure out how to launch their businesses.

The CSUF Business Plan Competition is a great way for students to win scholarships and in-kind consulting services from a group of professionals in our network. Competitors will also get valuable feedback on their concepts from our judges and mentorship from our pool of 500+ professionals upon request. All of these benefits can help students start a business.

The deadline to sign up for the competition is March 12 at 11:55pm. The application process is very simple: interested students must fill out a short application that helps us learn about their concept from the ground up. And it is designed to help CSUF students to fundamentally think through their concept in a way that orients their thinking into figuring out how to take their innovative concept from idea to a real business. And absolutely no business education is required to enter or do well in this competition; how well the concept is thought through is what matters most.

Miguel Olivares ’16, who was on the team that won the 2016 CSUF Business Plan Competition, believes the competition can help students in many ways.

Be passionate about your dreams. If you really wanted to start a business, then take this opportunity to use the business plan competition as a milestone to get your business launched. Being an entrepreneur is about action, and the best time to start anything is now. Don’t just talk about how you will one day start a business. Work at it, even if it’s just baby steps. Leave the excuses at home, and seek the help and guidance you need from knowledgeable entrepreneurs. The center for entrepreneurship is a great resource for this, and they have always been more than willing to help in all my business ideas, and venture. Take advantage of the resources you have.

The question is: Are you ready to follow your dreams? Apply for the CSUF Business Plan Competition by March 12!


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