#FutureFood – Last Chance For Food Startup To Apply To IGNITE22 Challenge

If you have a startup in the food industry, any part of that vertical really, then this is the competition for you! Applications are due no later than May 29. More information about the competition is below. To apply, go here: https://ignite22challenge.splashthat.com/

What are we looking for?

Cellular Agriculture

Stem cell meat, lab grown fish, tissue cultured plants… What solutions are supporting the very future of food?

Farming Systems

Vertical farming, indoor agriculture, aquaculture… We’re interested in enabling tech that makes nu-food more sustainable.

Novel Foods

Consider solutions to feed animals as well as humans; from micro algae to aquaculture, insects to 3D printed foods.

Food Delivery

Tracking, traceability and transparency; novel packaging and materials; vending and automation solutions.

Seeds, Soils, Strains

We’re looking for solutions around changed or modified proteins,  genetics, genomics and biochemistry.


Additives including plant-based colors, flavorants, thickening agents, and food processing technologies.

“The IGNITE22 Challenge is a great opportunity for the venture community to identify promising pre-seed stage startups, with cool ideas and high market potential, in which to make investments.”


IGNITE22 Important Dates

After applications have been received, the finalists will be announced shortly thereafter and immediately following that the finalists will receive “an in-depth, private coaching session with the Braid Theory team to hone their message and refine their investor pitch deck.”

IGNITE22 Challenge Pitch Finals – June 13

All finalist teams will receive free exhibit space at the IGNITE22 Global Tech Showcase in November 2019.

One winner will be selected for the IGNITE22 Challenge Prize!

  • Braid Theory Accelerator programming and mentoring
  • Legal, HR and Financial consulting services
  • Access to Braid Space at AltaSea or Space455

IGNITE22 Global Tech Showcase – November 13

IGNITE22 is the event where entrepreneurs meet investors; corporate leaders discover emerging technologies; and researchers learn about market opportunities for their scientific discoveries. It’s a place to break down silos and engage with passionate tech innovators from across industry sectors and around the world. And most importantly, IGNITE22 is a celebration and a gathering of individuals who are shaping the 22nd century!

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