Getting New Things Done – A New Book on Innovation with Stanford University Press by CSUF Professor David Obstfeld

Cal State Fullerton Professor David Obstfeld has published a book called "Getting New Things Done"
Cal State Fullerton Professor David Obstfeld has published a book called “Getting New Things Done”

Cal State Fullerton Professor David Obstfeld has just published a new book called “Getting New Things Done” with Stanford University Press.

New things get done all the time. But how do new things actually get done?

Cal State Fullerton Entrepreneurship Professor David Obstfeld tackles this question head on. Drawing on his extensive research into social networks and how people coordinate around innovation and entrepreneurship, David articulates a theory of how managers make innovation happen through the skillful orchestration of knowledge and networks.

In Getting New Things Done, David illustrates how innovation takes place based on extensive field observation in a Detroit car company (identified as NewCar). While at NewCar, David saw how three socially adept employees artfully navigated the bureaucratic landscape of the company to get a new, superior manual shifter implemented into new models of their cars. David provides many other examples of this ranging from how entrepreneurs succeed, to how the famous ballet company Ballet Russe revolutionized dance, and the Arab Spring in Egypt.

Innovation is a field that is open to everyone but the process of how innovation takes place has certain identifiable characteristics. David captures these properties in his BKAP model of innovation, which stands for Brokerage, Knowledge Articulation, and Projects. As was the case with NewCar, all innovation includes these three elements.

You can purchase the book on Amazon or at the Stanford University Press. If you purchase through Stanford University Press you can use the code “NEWTHINGS” to get a 20% discount on the book.


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