How to Pitch a Business

On Saturday, February 8 we are hosting a major Fast Pitch Competition. This competition will have one track that includes university students from CSUF and other universities and another track for high school students. If you fit into either of those categories we strongly recommend you enter this competition because it will be good practice, you can make some great connections and you can win some awards. To register for this competition please go to our CSUF Fast Pitch Competition site.

If you are not supremely confident in your ability to deliver a winning pitch for your business idea we have some help for you. The video below, produced by Entrepreneur Elympics, gives you some direction on how to craft and deliver a strong pitch for your business.

(CLICK HERE if there’s a problem with the video)

Make sure to register for the CSUF Fast Pitch Competition on February 8. If you have a business idea and can convince people that it’s a good idea in a minute or less then this competition is for you.

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