How to start a Business course for non-Business Majors at Cal State Fullerton

We love teaching entrepreneurship students the finer points of how to start a business, lean startups, MVPs, and the like so it is great that we also have a class to teach non-business majors the finer points of entrepreneurship now. Titled Business Administration 410: Starting and Managing a Small Business/Private Practice, this class is designed to educate students on the startup process and students in this class get the chance to work on developing a real business. That’s awesome!

Here are what some of the students who have already taken this class had to say about their experience:

Those are fantastic testimonials and if you are interested in someday starting your own business but have been afraid to do so because you don’t have the proper business education you should ask your course adviser how you can fit this into your schedule next semester! We obviously want to help everyone achieve their entrepreneurial dreams but, unfortunately, there are only so many seats available in this class so act now before it’s too late!

More details can be found by visiting our event page HERE and we hope to see you there!

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