“New ideas are percolating, a Phoenix will rise from the ashes.”

Recently, Patrice Apodaca, a columnist with the Los Angeles Time Community Newspaper, Daily Pilot, interviewed Director Jackson.

Director Jackson shared his optimism about the Orange County recovery.


Students have lived through the pandemic. Now, they’re excited to fix the problems and deficiencies of the pre-shutdown economy.

“Rather than reverting back,” Director Jackson, “What can we do different?”

Infectious Confidence

Young Cal. State Fullerton entrepreneurs have heads full of knowledge, optimistic attitudes, and minds racing with ideas.

In our consulting classes, students apply classroom knowledge and help businesses (their own and others), adapt to the changing realities of the economy.

Entrepreneurship will propel us into a prosperous future. “Let’s embrace that.”

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Patrice Apodaca is a former Los Angeles Times staff writer. She is also coauthor of “A Boy Named Courage: A Surgeon’s Memoir of Apartheid.” She lives in Newport Beach.

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