Own a Small- or Medium-sized Business? Can you answer a quick survey to help CSUF Entrepreneurship students?

One of the many great, fantastic things that we do in our program is that our students do consulting projects for local businesses. As part of these projects, students will oftentimes conduct surveys to help them get a clearer picture of things and the results from these surveys help the students put together better reports […]

How A CSUF Consulting Team Helped A Small Business Expand During The Pandemic

“We’ve run out of space!” That’s a challenge that many entrepreneurs face as they grow and Chris Cunliffe and Christine Lambino-Cunliffe, the founders of Bobo Strategy, were no different. Over the last decade they had grown their e-commerce book selling business into $1 million in yearly revenue and using their home as their shipping and […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Students Provide Innovative Solutions For Companies Struggling To Survive Through The Pandemic

“The only constant in life is change.”  As an entrepreneur, I thrive on change. It’s what gets me up in the morning and what drives me to work with so many students and companies. And, at this time, you need to change how you do business.  So much has happened since the start of the […]

CSUF Consulting – Why you should become a client

https://youtu.be/Nfyzn5FskPU As part of the Small Business Institute at California State University, Fullerton, CSUF Consulting projects are intensive, semester-long projects undertaken by groups of business students under the supervision of their professor and, for Undergraduates, with the assistance of a mentor from the professional world. Projects can either focus on a specific discipline (e.g. Operations, […]

Businesses Always Have HR Challenges – Our Student Consultants Can Help Your Business Find Actionable Solutions

Having worked with companies for decades I can tell you that one HR is something that most executives do not pay enough attention to. This is especially the case for smaller companies and that’s why I always recommend utilizing one of our CSUF Consulting teams to help improve the HR process to the business owners […]

University, industry find mutual benefits through business advising programs

“University-based advising can be the cornerstone of a strong university-industry partnership that increases innovation and improves new employee readiness,” says UIDP in its publication “University Business Advising.” You certainly won’t get any argument from John B. Jackson, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Small Business Institute, and CSUF (California State University, Fullerton) Startup Incubator, and […]

MBA CSUF Consulting Team Won National Title

Earlier this year we announced that Dr. Lorenzo Bizzi and one of his MBA CSUF Consulting teams won a national award for the work that they did for a local business. The business, Saigon City Marketplace, wanted the team to do a comprehensive strategic checkup for their company and to identify any new opportunities for […]

Small Business Institute – 2018/19 Project of the Year Competition

Another year and we have two more national awards to celebrate for the Cal State Fullerton Small Business Institute and their CSUF Consulting program! Congratulations! 3rd Place – Undergraduate Project – Keller Williams RealtyCategory – Undergraduate SpecializedSBI Director – Professor John Bradley JacksonSupervising Faculty – Professor Scott Sorrell Course – Marketing 462, Marketing for Entrepreneurs Students – Chris […]

CSUF Consulting – Take your Business to the Next Level

Every semester, dozens of businesses turn to the consulting teams that Cal State Fullerton has to devise comprehensive strategies for taking their businesses to the next level. These businesses have a wide range of goals in mind, including: How to streamline operationsImplementing cost controlsDevelopment of a marketing strategy that leverages digital and printDeep dive into […]