Internship Opportunities at OC SBDC

Looking for an internship? Here’s the information:

Internship Job Description

Location:  North Orange County – Brea

Hours per week:  up to 20 hours per week

Job Title: Business Development and R&D

Job Description: This intern job opportunity provides the qualified individual to be involved in many aspects of business development, implementation and program activities and research and development. As such, interns share responsibilities for administrative tasks and ensure top quality program support. In a busy professional setting, candidates must be good team players, independent, know how to prioritize tasks and manage their time well.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Research the small business community in North Orange County
  • Develop a list of all the businesses in North Orange County by city, size, industry, and years in business, etc.
  • Communicate to small businesses SBDC’s mission
  • Records pertinent information about OC small businesses
  • Determine the small business needs and the SBDC services that fit such needs
  • Assist in scheduling and confirming appointments
  • Assist in developing proper communication to reach business in North Orange County
  • Assist in networking related activities to spread the word about the SBDC in North Orange County

Job Qualifications:

  • Strong organizational skills, ability to multitask
  • Strong research and writing skills, experience with both qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Advanced languages skills beneficial
  • Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Office suite of products Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Excellent internet search skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Database management skills is a plus
  • Experience producing communication materials such as newsletters, press releases, etc… is a plus
  • Major or Majoring in Business, Economics, Accounting or similar is a plus

 Please email your resume to or for more information, please contact JJ Richa:  jjricha@gmail.com or Priscilla Lopez:  plopez@fullerton.edu

The people who work at the SBDC are extremely professional and working with them will give you a leg up on your career.

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