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Kickstarter is a company that we have written about before. Basically, what it does is connects people who want to do a project with people who are willing to help fund that project. That’s where Project Natalia comes in.

Our film will introduce the world to a young woman [Natalia] who exudes passion, enthusiasm and positivity in everything she pursues. An ultimate survivor, Natalia uses the extreme challenges of her life to fuel her insatiable desire to help others. She may be a victim of CP [Cerebral Palsy], but she is not a victim.

This project will follow Natalia’s journey from travel to treatment, through recovery and its life-changing effect…. The procedures will be performed at a world-renowned hospital in Shanghai, China. Each treatment requires a four-month stay at the hospital’s recovery facility.

We are aware that asking for $500,000 to fund Project Natalia is a hefty sum for a documentary. Please keep in mind there are multiple laws for filmmaking in China that significantly increase production costs. Accompanied with travel expenses that come with spending four months overseas, the total cost of this project will most likely exceed our goal.

Project Natalia
Here is a picture of Natalia from her video on the Kickstarter website

This is an audacious goal but it looks like it is worth doing. She is an immigrant, heading off to China for cutting-edge treatment of a debilitating disease; that’s compelling fodder for a documentary. Wouldn’t you be willing to pay $25 to see how this all ends up?

Actually, you can. That’s basically how Kickstarter works. Somebody or some team, like Natalia and her team, have an idea, post it on Kickstarter and ask for funding. In exchange for certain levels of funding the donor will get something in return somewhere down the line as long as the project gets completed.

In this instance, if you donated $25 to Project Natalia you would receive a DVD of the documentary when (and if) it gets completed. If you really wanted to support this project and donate $5,000 you would get a role in the documentary.

As of the writing of this post Project Natalia has not raised much money. Their goal is to raise $500,000 and they have only raised $1,435 to date and they only have 39 days to go before the funding window closes. Raising the rest of that money is a tall order but with a little help she might just be able to make her documentary.

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