Last Day to Register for the Website Contest

Today is the last day to register for the Website Competition. Prizes include $7500.00 for first place. No programming experience necessary — beginners welcome.

The Crexendo University Program (UP) is a college program sponsored by Crexendo, Inc. and offers college students an opportunity to create a web site using proven tools and techniques, and compete for exciting prizes. And, the competition is open to all CSUF students!

Crexendo UP seeks to nurture and teach students’ business skills and provide digital tools to help them succeed post-graduation. Partnering with public and private institutions, Crexendo UP is made available to tens of thousands of students in the U.S.

Crexendo UP offers the annual Crexendo Website Competition to college students at select U.S. universities. The Crexendo Website Competition is an event in which individual students or teams of students compete to design, manage, and launch a fully functional website using the eCommerce Content Management System (CMS) software provided by Crexendo.

The Crexendo UP Website Competition is an exciting event that allows students, faculty, and industry to learn about online eCommerce, digital marketing, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO). Crexendo offers full support, resources, and training for students who register for the Website Competition.

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