Let a CSUF Organizational Audit help your Business Reach new Heights!

Employees are a company’s most important asset but all too often they aren’t treated as such. Over the last couple of years our program – which has been in operation for more than two decades and has a strong record of helping clients – has developed a comprehensive Organizational Audit consulting service that helps our clients increase the effectiveness of its most important asset: its people.

The audit starts with the work that your employees need to do in order to achieve the organization’s goals and then asks:

1. Are the right people in place to get this work done successfully?

Our students can recommend changes to the current hiring and training processes to ensure that your people have the right skills and abilities to get the job done.

2. Are the policies and procedures that have been put in place helping the staff work more effectively?

Our students can recommend changes to improve the flow of communication within the organization and increase employee motivation.

3. Is the culture enhancing or hindering organizational performance?

The secret-sauce of an effective organization is its culture. When employees strongly agree with the organization’s values, they are much more energized to help the organization achieve its goals. Our students can recommend ways to create a culture that helps your organization gain a unique competitive advantage that is almost impossible to imitate.

Each CSUF Student-led Business Consulting team that will be performing these comprehensive Organizational Audits are supervised by a PhD faculty member and are mentored by a qualified professional from the private sector. By the end of the semester, the CSUF Undergraduate Juniors and Seniors will develop and present to their clients a plan that will address all the above issues with recommendations about how to make improvements.

Our Student Consulting Program has won 26 awards from the nationally renowned Small Business Institute for having some of the best, if not the best, student consulting projects. Please click on the picture below to see a video describing our Student Consulting Program:

CSUF’s “Organizational Audit” is a top notch tool for any company. Please call Ms. Charlesetta Medina at (657) 278-8243 or send her an email to entrepreneurship@fullerton.edu for more information about our award-winning Student Consulting Program.

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