How to Manage the People and Growth of Your Small Business [EVENT on November 9 at noon]

How do you manage growth and staff? Michelle Caruana will share her personal experience so that you can grow faster and more successfully! About this Event Managing people can be the best or worst part of the job, so why not learn from entrepreneurs who have been there and done that? Please join us […]

Businesses Always Have HR Challenges – Our Student Consultants Can Help Your Business Find Actionable Solutions

Having worked with companies for decades I can tell you that one HR is something that most executives do not pay enough attention to. This is especially the case for smaller companies and that’s why I always recommend utilizing one of our CSUF Consulting teams to help improve the HR process to the business owners […]

Diversity in Business Panel Discussion

Earlier this summer we co-hosted a panel with Critical Mass Radio Show that discussed diversity in business. It was an energetic event that covered a wide range of topics all dealing with the promise of diversity. Mihaylo College blogger, David Coats, covered this event and here’s a little taste from his post titled Panel Discusses […]

Understanding our Personalities

Editor’s Note: Recently, the New Venture Launch classes were part of a unique hands-on workshop facilitated by Bob Kreisberg, President of Opus Productivity Solutions. The post below is written by two students who attended the workshop, Paul Aleo and Drew Balanza. Opus Productivity aids companies in improving productivity and profitability through the use of a […]

Let a CSUF Organizational Audit help your Business Reach new Heights!

Employees are a company’s most important asset but all too often they aren’t treated as such. Over the last couple of years our program – which has been in operation for more than two decades and has a strong record of helping clients – has developed a comprehensive Organizational Audit consulting service that helps our […]

Why Human Resource Practices are Important

While it is fairly obvious how marketing, sales, product development and manufacturing contribute to an organization’s success, the link between human resources and firm success has been much more ambiguous. Measuring how the sales department affects a firm’s revenues is quite simple. But it’s much harder to measure the effects of changes in hiring, training, […]