Management 540 Trains CSUF MBAs for the Real World


Before the start of every semester, students begin the process of picking and choosing their classes. Almost all of these classes have students reading textbooks and taking exams but there is one class that is designed to give MBA students an immersive experience by having them put to practice what they learn with a real business.

Management 540 is this class and it exposes students to the skills needed in order to be successful business leaders of tomorrow and if they have any room in their schedules they should definitely add this class. In order to achieve this audacious goal, Cal State Fullerton has selected Dr. Atul Teckchandani to lead this class. What makes this class so valuable is that Dr. Teckchandani demonstrates superior academic skills while also using the experiences he gained while working in the technology industry to provide lessons that focus on real-world situations.

“This class is very practical. Rather than focusing on academic theories of leadership, this class focuses on skills that leaders need to be successful. Leaders influence others to help achieve a vision or set of goals. To be an effective leader, you must have a mastery of the ‘soft’ skills. This course has a number of modules on how to be a more effective leader by learning how to build professional relationships, how to persuade others, how to make decisions while minimizing the negative effects of biases, and how to improve your emotional intelligence. It also discusses how to create an organization where employees are productive and feel like they are thriving.

“In addition to the practical skills, this class also offers a consulting project. Students will work in teams to help a local business address a leadership/HR challenge. While the consulting projects are a fair amount of work, they are an invaluable learning opportunity. Being able to examine a real-world problem and devise recommendations is something all employers want their employees to do. MGMT 540 is one of only two classes in the MBA program that allows students to become more proficient in this area,” said Teckchandani.

And the businesses students consult with in this class are very diverse.

“The businesses we work with can vary widely. To give you an idea of how wide-ranging our clients are, in the past couple of years we’ve had retail stores, restaurants, technology firms, auto mechanics, non-profits, restaurant supply firms and boutique consulting firms as clients. Most of the clients are small firms where we work directly with the owner or founder,” said Teckchandani

Upon completion of this course, students will be more prepared for what lays ahead for them in their careers, which makes them more appealing to employers looking for those with concrete skills and experience. With this course on a resume, students have the opportunity to stand out among the growing amount of applicants that are applying for the same job. In essence, the experience and knowledge from this course could mean the difference between getting the job over someone else.

“The consulting project is a great addition to the resume and makes for an excellent talking point during an interview. As mentioned earlier, most bosses want to hire someone who can look at a problem, analyze it and come up with realistic and actionable solutions,” said Teckchandani.

With the competition for jobs growing more fierce every year, it is abundantly clear why CSUF MBAs should enroll in Management 540 for the spring 2017 semester. The skills and experiences provided by this class not only help build the foundation of a good worker but ultimately sculpt students into the business leaders of the future.

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