DOSE: A Simple Framework for Creating a Great Customer Experience [EVENT – October 12 at noon]

Why creating a great customer experience is so important for businesses and how you can start doing that today! About this Event Tony Crisp is the CEO of CRISPx Agency and the Chief Strategist at SYBER Gaming PC. At this seminar he will give a talk on why companies who are customer centric outperform [...]

Small Business Administration Events: Weekly Business Event Roundup Webinars

Events on Tuesday, October 6: Email Marketing: Common Mistakes to Avoid Which Are Limiting Your Results (10a-11a)SoCal SBIR STTR CON 2020 (9a)Creating a Successful Business Plan Webinar (12p-1p)Webinar: How to Start a Small Business (4p-5p)IEWBC Webinar: Business Plan Boot Camp - Introduction to Business Planning (5p-7:30p)CVWBC Event: Recordkeeping (6p-7:30p) Coffee with a Counselor (9a-10a)WEBINAR: Are You [...]

Why Orange County is a Great Place for your Startup with Carey Ransom Have a Startup and not sure where to start? Come learn from OC4 Venture Studio Founder and President, Carey Ransom, why OC is the place! Location, Location, Location! Why is it so important to know where to start a business? Carey Ransom has a lot of knowledge on this as an Investor, Advisor, and [...]

How To Get Involved: Titan Fast Pitch

Are you ready for the Titan Fast Pitch? You should be! Over the last eight years, we have challenged thousands of students from universities, high schools, and middle schools all over Southern California and beyond to come up with the most compelling business pitch possible. That remains the same. But there are some changes this [...]

The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Why Thinking Like There’s No Box Is Essential For Men Of Color [EVENT]

Join Live: September 23, 2020 from 3:00PM to 4:30PM on Facebook at (Note: if you go to that link too early there won't be anything there just yet, log back in at 3pm). Description The Entrepreneurial Mindset is essential for young men of color whether they become entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or employees. The entrepreneurial characteristics [...]

Get To Know: CSUF Entrepreneurship

At the start of every school year we welcome many more new people to our community. New students, professors, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals of all kinds have joined our ever growing community of innovative people. And this is great! It's also an opportunity to share some of the videos that help to describe what CSUF [...]

Entrepreneur How To: Digital Marketing [Full Video]

Digital marketing is simple, right? Wrong! Sure, you can create an account and start sharing every last profundity that pops into your brain but a social media strategy that does not make sense will not ring the cash register. In comes Andrew Williams. He is the Global Digital Marketing Manager at HyperX, where he leads [...]

Titan Fast Pitch Boot Camp – Resources To Help You Give A Winning Business Pitch

For more information on the Titan Fast Pitch please go here: Submissions are due by 11:59pm on October 17. Titan Fast Pitch Boot Camp PowerPointDownload Titan Fast Pitch Brainstorming HandoutDownload Brainstorming Options for your 90 second fast pitch For firstā€time international travelers, who are struggling to figure out all that they need to [...]

Join Us Now For the Titan Fast Pitch Boot Camp – Learn How To Give A Winning 90 Second Pitch Learn what it takes to give a winning business pitch for the Titan Fast Pitch competition!!! About this Event The Titan Fast Pitch is a competition for students who want to blaze their own trail! Are you ready to compete? Not so fast. For this competition, students are challenged to deliver a recorded 90 [...]

An Introduction to Integrative Bargaining for Startup Founders with Mark Fotohabadi

Mark Fotohabadi, PhD, MBA, MDR is a visionary and hands-on serial entrepreneur and educator, with 17+ years of business experience. Mark Fotohabadi has successfully co-founded and led half a dozen companies to sustained profitability and disruptive change in their respective fields. This is a video from a guest lecture that Mark did in John [...]