Startups Raising Money While in Quarantine

Quarantine or not, many businesses are still operating and some of them, especially startups, are in the process of raising money. Even in the best of times raising money when you are an unproven, new business, is not an easy task. Not all of us are Disney who can go out and raise $6 billion [...]

Something for Entrepreneurs to Watch: Niall Ferguson’s Networld

Niall Ferguson has done a lot of work on how networks form, grow, and dissolve. He has insights into what makes for powerful networks and how you can leverage that information to build your own networks, which is an extremely important thing for any entrepreneur to do. (Wouldn't it be nice if you knew a [...]

Startup Pivots in the Time of Coronavirus

What do you mean by "pivot"? Startups (and companies in general) "pivot" when they change parts or all of their business models as a response to new information. These changes can be in anticipation of changes in the future (proactive) or as a result of some kind of unexpected change (reactive, like what is going [...]

Outcomes of NSF $1Million Grant Known as STEM-Inc

STEM-Inc is now complete and many of you have asked about the outcomes and impact of the three-year $1Million National Science Foundation Grant, which featured the CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship with Director John Bradley Jackson as Co-Private Investigator. Below is a summary of the project outcomes and a list of the published articles. Project Outcomes: [...]

Adapt or Die: How do you innovate during uncertainty?

Attend this live stream today at 3pm About this event Award-winning journalist, former BBC News & ABC News Anchor, Del Irani hosts a live interactive conversation with Carey Ransom, President at OC4 Venture Studio and Ronald L. Hollis, Ph.D, President and CEO at MFG, who share their invaluable insights & tips on how to thrive [...]

5 Common Sales Challenges and Overcoming them

When it comes to sales, there are many common challenges (regardless of industry). Although some of these challenges are easier than others to overcome - just remember that time will always make things easier. Here are some common sales challenges and how to overcome them.  Challenge #1: Lack of Confidence You can prepare all day [...]

Determining if SEO is a Good Marketing Channel for Your Startup

For startups, engaging in marketing sounds easy, but quickly becomes complex and hard to navigate. With so many different marketing channels that a start up can choose from, simply deciding which channel to pick is the first difficult hurdle.  Today, I’ll be focusing on how startups should understand if SEO is an option they should [...]

CoVID-19 Help for Organizations

Yesterday, I received this email from the Gianneschi Center for Nonprofit Research here at Cal State Fullerton that contains a ton of great links and resources on how to best deal with the COVID-19 shutdown for people, nonprofits, and businesses and wanted to share it with you. CoVid 19 Updates for the Social Sector:Governor’s Office [...]

CSUF Entrepreneurship COVID-19 Updates

This will be a short post that only focuses on straightforward updates. CSUF COVID-19 Updates CSUF COVID-19 Update page includes frequent updates about Cal State Fullerton's response to COVID-19. Events All of our events are either being moved online or postponed. To see all our events, go here: Classes All classes have been moved [...]