LMH Trading LLC launches their new hand sanitizer – Bubbly Suds

Provider of premium quality sanitation products, LMH Trading LLC, announces the launch of Bubbly Suds, a new alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel LMH Trading LLC has again reiterated their goal of helping to keep families across the globe safe, particularly in these trying times with the launch of Bubbly Suds. The latest addition to the LMH [...]

Safe Space Fitness: CSUF Alumnus Starts Fitness Business for People with Disabilities

When people hear the word “fitness,” they automatically think of big corporate gyms, and beach bodies. But how often do people think of the challenges individuals with physical disabilities face when exercising? Today one in five adults in the US have a movement impairing disability. You would expect a lot more exercise options available for [...]

OC CEO Leadership Alliance Orange Fellowship – Deadline to Apply: Extended to June 10, 2020

APPLY NOW The Orange Fellowship is a two-year fellowship for recent university graduates (2018-2020 graduates) employed at an Orange County company. Fellows get access to the following: Leadership development and skill building to advance your capabilities and career opportunitiesWorkshops, skills enhancement, speaker series, case competitions, pitch competitionsTop-level executive access and professional career connectionsExposure and involvement [...]

What we learned from Sierra Leone’s response to the Ebola Outbreak

Daniel Coats has many fine qualities including his prodigious research skills. While doing research into how economies recover from pandemics he came across an interesting case study in Sierra Leone and their response to the Ebola outbreak. What can we learn from their example? https://youtu.be/eYFUx_eLhcI

Twenty Minutes with a Titan – Dr. Mira Farka: The Coronavirus from an Economist’s Perspective

An economist, a marketer, and an entrepreneur can't walk into a bar but they can do a Zoom call where they discuss why they can't walk into a bar. There may not be much we can all agree on about the coronavirus and our response to it we are undeniably in uncharted waters in terms [...]

DOSE: A Simple Framework for Creating a Great Customer Experience

RSVP Today for Monday, May 18 at 5pm Why creating a great customer experience is so important for businesses and how you can start doing that today! About this Event Tony Crisp is the CEO of CRISPx Agency and the Chief Strategist at SYBER Gaming PC. At this seminar he will give a talk on [...]

Twenty Minutes with a Titan – Phillipe Diego Rodriguez ’16

There's been a common theme from all of these Twenty Minutes with a Titan interviews I've been doing: Being involved is a great way to get ahead in life. And that (along with being incredibly intelligent) is one of the things that my interviewee for this episode, Phillipe, points to for helping him succeed so [...]

Twenty(ish) Minutes with a Titan – Bob Godlasky

What can you learn about entrepreneurship from Bob? A lot! Even though he repeated the third grade twice Bob's experiences as an entrepreneur and marketer for Alpha Beta have been invaluable resources for CSUF Entrepreneurship students for eleven years running. Bob is a mentor in our program and works directly with teams that are working [...]

Twenty Minutes with a Titan – Daniel Coats ’15 and ’18, Marketing Project Coordinator for Mihaylo College

When I started out Twenty Minutes with a Titan I did it with people like Daniel Coats in mind. Daniel is one of those people that does so much for the university but it's normally behind the scenes. In this edition of Twenty Minutes with a Titan we discuss some of the topics that have [...]

Online Event Monday May 11: Don’t let the Coronavirus Kill Your Business – CSUF Startup Incubator Panel

Join our panel of experts in a discussion about not only how to survive the pandemic but grow your business out of it. REGISTER NOW FOR ZOOM LINK - May 11 at 6pm About this Event The coronavirus pandemic has quickly become the biggest challenge the world has faced in generations and many businesses have [...]