Resumes Need Your Personal Brand

Effective resumes are much more than job history, education, and activities; this type of resume does not get read or even found.

Resumes must be keyword rich. This includes the objective and the body of the resume. Keywords are necessary since your potential employer will often use automated tools to scan resumes for keywords such as: Business Development, Java Programmer, MBA, or social media. Pretend you are a hiring manager. Think of the words that you might use in a Google search to find you?

Be creative but don’t get crazy. Live links are becoming increasing important. Catch phrases can make you stand out. Photos might bounce you out.

Check out this link. The author sums it up pretty well.

John Bradley Jackson
Center for Entrepreneurship


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  1. I have reviewed thousands of resumes, and I agree with you. A job candidate should find out about the company before sending a resume, and tailor the “keyword” content to the company and industry. Thanks for the link to “The Ultimate Guide to Resumes”, it is an excellent resource.

  2. Totally agree, John! I just went through a batch of resumes this past week again to hire the right digital marketing consultant at our online marketing agency in Fullerton.

    Next to that, there ‘paper’ resume is less and less relevant for me. For every potential candidate, I Google them and check them out on Facebook, that tells a lot.

    Some people put their blog, or linkedin profile on their resume, and I really appreciate that.

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