SEO Means Trying to Keep Up With Google

Google is constantly changing the rules —-  this means that web development and SEO firms must constantly adjust their optimization techniques.

Sophisticated website development and SEO firms learn new things every day that impact web design decisions along with SEO techniques. Most of this learning is technical or “under the hood”, but it also includes the amount and use of keywords, video, navigation,  and messaging.

Website owners need to update their sites very frequently from a SEO standpoint — monthly SEO is a requirement to stay competitive on the web. Surprisingly, many web development firms have little or no SEO expertise.

Websites also need to be redesigned every two years at a minimum — anything older is ancient from a SEO perspective. A quick visit to the web will reveal that most sites are older than two years, which makes them unattractive to Google.  Google responds by lowering their rankings.

Remember that Google and human beings view websites very differently. Google does not care about color or graphics or smiling faces. Google wants in-bound links, SEO copy, proper tagging, and lots of fresh original content.  Blogs are an easy way to please Google since blog articles are indexed as new copy.

Being “found” is fundamental to good web design. To be found on the web means being listed in the first three pages of an organic search. Statistically, page four does not get read by most web searchers — instead, they move on to the next keyword.

A beautiful website that cannot be found is worthless. You will find many of these beautiful “vanity sites” on the web, but never in the first three pages of a search using competitive keywords. Invariably these sites are designed by web designers that don’t understand SEO.  Another common cause is the website owner’s insistence that a site look a certain way.  The needs of Google will trump beauty every time.

Most people find websites through the use of keywords rather than website addresses or pay per click advertising. This is why designing a site for organic search is so important.

Website owners need to hire website developers who understand and embrace SEO. Otherwise, they are wasting their time and money.

John Bradley Jackson


CSUF Entrepreneurship

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  1. Thanks for the work you have done on this page as it contributes overall to ethical SEO optimization. SE Optimization does not necessarily come with a mere web purchase as it involves so much more on an ongoing basis. Thus, your point of this blog entry is relevant.

  2. If you have decided to become the search optimization guru for your business, then you need to study up. SEO is not something that you just flip a switch on. There are a lot of tactics out there that are potentially helpful for boosting your traffic. As well, SEO is a moving target. The search engines sometimes change the algorithms that control their ranking systems, meaning what worked today may not work tomorrow when it comes to SEO. You need to be well versed to keep up!

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