Social Media Marketing in the United States

On Tuesday, August 20, Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson had the pleasure to present in front of the Chinese delegation of the Zhejiang Commerce Bureau. Mr. Jackson gave a lecture focused on the role that social media plays in business in the United States.

Mr. Jackson spoke on such topics as:

  • How to use Facebook to gauge customer sentiment
  • Keeping tabs on market changes on Twitter
  • Email marketing is still a relevant source of engagement
  • Blogs are one of the first things that customers look at when researching your company
  • Picture services like Instagram and Pinterest are here to stay and represent a huge amount of traffic
  • YouTube is an excellent source to delve deeper into your sector and has higher engagement levels than written posts

Mr. Jackson was pleased with the enthusiastic reception he received from the crowd of visiting Chinese businesspeople and public officials. “I was very excited to have the opportunity to present in front of this group of people and I am thrilled that my message resonated with them” said Jackson after he finished his presentation.

Professor Bruce Xiao, one of the people responsible for arranging this event, said “the Chinese delegation loved Jackson’s update on social media.”

Jackson recently finished his manuscript for his newest book “Socially Close: Marketing with Social Media.” The book explores social media marketing trends at the small business level. The book will be available is Spring 2014.

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