So you want to build an App?

Dalip Jaggi I’m not going to start this post off with the cliche “If you build it, they will come” but… But many people do think that way; for them, there isn’t much space between the epiphany and the first version of their product. Or their app. In many ways, building an app is a […]

What You Need To Know To Build A Profitable App @ CSUF Startup Incubator

This event is taking place later today, Wednesday, July 19 at 6pm at the CSUF Irvine campus. If you can make it we would love to see you there! You will need to pay for parking but there’s so much value in this talk that it more than makes up for it. To reserve your […]

The CrashRespond Challenge – Build an App that Sells while in School and Working Full-Time (Part 1)

This post was republished with permission from the BDEC, Irvine. This series of posts will walk you through the process of planning, market testing and developing an app. The app we’ll talk about is called CrashRespond. It will automatically detect car accidents and upon detection, send a text and email alert to up to 3 […]