BUAD 410 – Starting and Managing a Small Business

Most of the students who are reading this are probably business majors and, as business majors, I’m sure that your non-business major friends have asked you what it takes to run a business. You explain the basics to them as best you can but there’s no way you are able to go into enough depth […]

The Importance of Financial Literacy

Everyone knows that the literacy rate is not where it should be but people do not usually stop to consider the problems associated with a lack of financial literacy. Think about it, if you do not understand the differences between a savings account and a CD then you will probably be met with some financial […]

Social Media Marketing in the United States

On Tuesday, August 20, Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson had the pleasure to present in front of the Chinese delegation of the Zhejiang Commerce Bureau. Mr. Jackson gave a lecture focused on the role that social media plays in business in the United States. Mr. Jackson spoke on such topics as: How to […]

Center for Entrepreneurship Director Jackson talks with local Chinese Media

Recently, Director John Bradley Jackson and Field Case Coordinator Charlesetta Medina did a press event for a group of Chinese media and businesspeople. The purpose of the event is to spread the word about California State University, Fullerton’s Business Consulting Program. Fortunately, the press event went very well and it looks like the Center for […]

CSU Fullerton Business Cases Place Nationally

Back in February, we ran a story on this blog titled “CSUF Student Entrepreneurs Place in National Business Consulting Competition.” It’s a good post, you should read it. On March 27, California State University, Fullerton ran a story on these same students titled: “National Honors Add to Business College Record.” Here’s a bit of it: […]

2013 Small Business Outlook for Orange County

The Orange County Register recently asked eight influential members of the business community what they expected for the OC economy in 2013. Here’s one response you might find interesting from Center for Entrepreneurship Director, John Bradley Jackson: John B. Jackson director, Center for Entrepreneurship, Cal State Fullerton While the federal government officials may fear a […]