Titan Women Collective Featured in Orange County Register

Charlesetta Medina - CSUF Entrepreneurship

Charlesetta Medina has been busy growing Titan Women Collective and the Orange County Register (subscription may be required to read this article) has taken notice!

The reporter, Susan Gill Vardon, published what is being billed as “the first in an occasional series following the students, faculty members and businesswomen who participate in the Titan Women’s (sic) Collective.” And we cannot wait for the whole series of articles, but, for now at least, we have the first article. In this article, linked to above, it talks about what Titan Women Collective’s mission is, which is to be “a resource where female… [student entrepreneurs] could get mentoring and support from Southern California businesswomen.”

Further on in the article, it delves into why Charlesetta is so passionate about this and gets the perspective of a couple of the students who are being mentored by members of Titan Women Collective. Speaking of the mentors, it’s a pretty auspicious list of powerful women entrepreneurial leaders. “Attending the March meeting as mentors were Michelle Bergquist, CEO and co-founder of Connected Women of Influence; Nicole Washington, director of Innovation & Growth for OCTANeOC; Maureen Tschopp, a financial and portfolio adviser with Merrill Lynch; and Pooka Platner, partner in the new startup Aruta On-Demand, an Uber for notary publics.

“Christy Ratliff, manager of a local Ruby’s Diner, was wearing two hats at the meeting. She said she wants to mentor fledgling businesswomen but also to learn some tips to promote her new Repurseible brand of reversible purses, which debuted in January.”

Again, we hope that you will be able to read the whole article in the Orange County Register; there is a ton of great information there about Titan Women Collective and what it will be accomplishing very soon. After reading, if you are interested in working with Charlesetta and Titan Women Collective you can reach out to her at cymedina@fullerton.edu for more information.

Titan Women Collective

Titan Women Collective was created to identify and champion female entrepreneurs at Cal State Fullerton. Founded by Charlesetta Medina and Dr. Deborah Ferber, Titan Women Collective helps students through scholarships, workshops, and personal mentoring by members of Titan Women Collective, all of whom are leaders on the job and in the community. For more information on Titan Women Collective, including how to get involved, please contact them at csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu.

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