Titan Women Collective Scholarships Awarded

Titan Women Collective Scholarship Group for 2019

Last Friday, Titan Women Collective and Dr. Deb Ferber awarded six scholarships to Cal State Fullerton students who all share a passion for entrepreneurship and leadership. As part of Titan Women Collective, these fearless students are part of the first class of innovators who have received scholarships to help them advance their educations and they will also receive mentoring from Titan Women Collective champions.

Dr. Gerard Beenen, the Chair for the Department of Management at Cal State Fullerton, had this to say about women entrepreneurs: “Although the proportion of women-owned businesses increased from about 30% to 40% over the last decade, there’s still a lot more progress that needs to made – especially in California. For instance, the proportion of revenue from women-owned businesses only increased from about 4% to about 4.3% over that period. And despite the size of California’s economy, we lag behind other states and fail to make the top 5 in growth in the revenue, employment and number of women-owned businesses. We want our thriving entrepreneurship program at Cal State Fullerton to become the go-to resource for women entrepreneurs as we strive to make Southern California a leader in the development of women-owned businesses.”

Titan Women Collective

Titan Women Collective was created to identify and champion female entrepreneurs at Cal State Fullerton. Founded by Charlesetta Medina and Dr. Deborah Ferber, Titan Women Collective helps students through scholarships, workshops, and personal mentoring by members of Titan Women Collective, all of whom are leaders on the job and in the community. For more information on Titan Women Collective, including how to get involved, please contact them at csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu.

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