Top Online Resources for Entrepreneurs

This list is in no way meant to be an exhaustive one but a place to discover new insights into entrepreneurship and business in general. By all means, if you have another blog or website that you frequently go to for inspiration and guidance then add it into the comments. Also, we will be updating this list as we find great new sources of information for the businessperson in all of us.

Paul Graham

Displayed as a list of essays, this page covers a wide range of entrepreneurial activities from the point of view of programmer, venture capitalist and Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham. There is a ton of useful information on this site and it’s pretty in-depth as well.

McKinsey & Company: Insights & Publications

McKinsey & Company is one of the preeminent business consulting companies in the world and their Insights & Publications section seemingly covers every facet of business. Just by taking a quick look at the topics they have on their front page right now I can see that they are covering things like: China’s next chapter, philanthropy as R&D and an article about measuring the full impact of digital capital.

Sequoia Capital: Grove

Sequoia Capital, the venerable VC firm, now has a site featuring content from the current generation of founders made for the next generation of founders. These entrepreneurs have advice for everything from bootstrapping to making hires for a new venture.

Orange County SCORE

Preparing that first business plan can be a daunting task and when it gets to building those financial docs forget about it. Never fear, Orange County SCORE has a score (haha) of useful templates and other tools that are useful for all kinds of entrepreneurs.


You probably already know about this one but, if you don’t, it’s all about tech news and inside information on the industry. This site produces a ton of content and is worth checking in on throughout the day.

Mashable Business

Mashable’s Business section features a lot of news about, yeah, that’s right, business. It’s a good complement to TechCrunch as it is much less “inside baseball” in nature but still produces a ton of interesting content.

Khan Academy

Ever just want to cut through all the detritus and hear what being an entrepreneur is all about from other entrepreneurs? Khan Academy offers a video series that accomplishes this feet.

What Sources did we Miss?

Please add your favorite sources of entrepreneur inspiration and news in the comments.

And, remember, we will be updating this list so check back every now and then to get all the updates.

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