Unemployed Twenty Somethings

“Fewer than half of all Americans aged 16 to 24 had jobs in September, the lowest number since record keeping began in 1948. Peter Coy, of BusinessWeek, takes a look at how raging unemployment is impacting their future and the economy.

– CNBC Oct 8, 2009

So what is a 2009 graduate to do? My suggestion is to intern or consult your way into a job,  even if it means working “pro bono”—working for free.  By getting inside a company and proving yourself as volunteer or intern, you can position yourself ahead of the other job seekers.  This type of work also gives you chance to build a relationship with the hiring managers. Right or wrong, people prefer to hire the people that they know.

Sooner or later this job market will improve.

In the meantime, volunteer and give your time away. You will be paid back soon.

John Bradley Jackson


CSUF Entrepreneurship

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