3rd Quarter 2014 Orange County Business Survey

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics Dean Dr. Anil Puri
Mihaylo College of Business and Economics Dean Dr. Anil Puri

California State University, Fullerton’s Mihaylo College Dean, Dr. Anil Puri, just published the 3rd Quarter 2014 edition of the Orange County Business Index (OCBX). The OCBX is a survey of Orange County business leaders (owners, CEOs and managers) feelings regarding the overall condition of the economy and the generalities of their particular business. The overall sentiment of the business leaders who responded to the survey was that they believe the economy (and their companies) is still expanding but that the velocity of that expansion was slowing down.

The OCBX is an index that takes into consideration variables from the OCBX Survey and creates a numeric value that shows what the respondents’ sentiment of the economy is. In this survey a score of 50 or higher indicates future growth in the economy and for the most resent (3rd Quarter 2014) release this number was at 83.8. That is encouraging news but the discouraging part about it is that 83.8 is the lowest result since the 1st Quarter 2013.

While that is the headline there are a lot of other good morsels in there as well. If you have a few extra minutes you should take a look.

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