8 Hour Business Challenge

 Update (September 20, 2017): Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled. Sigma Upsilon Mu is planning on rescheduling this event for the spring 2018 semester.

8 Hour Business ChallengeThis Saturday one of our entrepreneurship clubs, Sigma Upsilon Mu, will be hosting a competition called the 8 Hour Business Challenge. Student-entrepreneurs competing in the 8 Hour Business Challenge will be taking part in an intensive startup experience where they will learn what it takes to launch a business and have the chance to win some prizes as well.

If you are interested in competing in the 8 Hour Business Challenge make sure to sign up on the official event page and we wish you the best of luck in the competition!

Here is some more information about the competition from the event organizers:

Who we are: 

Sigma Upsilon Mu (SUM) is a co-ed entrepreneurship business fraternity established in March 2014. Our motto is “Facta Non Verba” (Deeds, Not Words); We believe in taking action instead of being idle. Our mission is to transform the lives of college students to reach their maximum potential. With the implementation of entrepreneurship principles, we will be a community of lifelong learners who will become future innovators such as founders, executives, and financially independent individuals. 

What we are doing (8 Hour Business Challenge): 

The 8 hour business challenge is an event held on campus that enables entrepreneurs, and those who are interested in entrepreneurship, to put their skills to the test. Each contestant will join a team that is given 8 hours to create an original idea for a business and formulate it from top to bottom. After the 8 hour mark they will be judged by entrepreneurs from the Orange County area and be evaluated on their business idea, investment pitch, and commercial made for the event. The top three winning teams will receive prizes and cash for their business.

Who will be there: 

We are expecting participants from all around the Orange County area, not just CSUF students, in addition to 10 mentors and 5 judges. We are also expecting spectators later in the evening when pitches are being held.


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